Populating form item from SQL enum set

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I am not even sure if it is at all possible, and I can't find the stuff I am
looking for, probably using the wrong search keys. WAMP machine (XP,
2.50.2,  4.1.5,  5.0.2)

I have a field in the MySQL  table 'members':
"membertype" enum ('adult','student','senior','child','honour')

Sofar the form used for the db only has text fields, and the data entry user
relies on IE's autocomplete to always select a valid entry for the field. I
quick fixed this script so it at least checks the validity.

I'd prefer to have a general solution where the input field is a dropdown
box or something (or radio buttons) populated directly with all valid enum
fields. In case the db later is altered, enum set is modified, all the forms
should change automatically.

(How) can I retrieve the enum values from the db and use them in a dropdown
? Or who has a pointer to the right place where I can find how to do this ?
Or an example simlar snippet maybe ?


Re: Populating form item from SQL enum set

I've used this once, but it's a bit ugly so here's to hoping a better
solution comes along :)


$sql = "SHOW COLUMNS FROM members LIKE 'membertype'";
$qry = mysql_query($sql);
$res = mysql_fetch_object($qry);
// This returns a row with  a field 'Type' containing 'enum(...)'

$res->Type = str_replace('enum', 'array', $res->Type);

eval(" $memberTypes = $res->Type; ");

foreach($memberTypes as $type)    {
    echo "<option...etc."


Pjotr Wedersteers wrote:
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Re: Populating form item from SQL enum set

brommer wrote:
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TY, it works, and indeed doesn't look very elegant, but hey, it will do. The
other hint (by andy) has the same principle. I'll dive into the MySQL stuff
another time to see if I can find some more useful stuff on this matter.

again Thanks, both!

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