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A mail sent from a host  to my smtp server is refused. This happens
because you have to connect to a pop server before you can use the
smtp server.  
Does anybody have any code to achieve this (PHPmailer doesn't work)?


Re: pop before smtp

Kees wrote:
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I do not recognize this problem. I had a problem with the sender of the  
mail. Some smtp servers seem to be configured to allow only messages  
from known domains to be sent and refuse to send it if the "from"  
address has a wrong domain (I encountered it in a company that had  
planned to register more domains than they eventually did.) Could this  
be a problem here?


Re: pop before smtp

Kees wrote:
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Have you asked your hosting company?  Perhaps they have another server  
for programs to use, for instance.

Otherwise use the socket calls to log into the POP server and log out  
again before sending the mail.  If you do this, I'd recommend a separate  
mail ID so you don't collide with the "real user" of the account.

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Re: pop before smtp

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Right.  They do that because POP requires a username and password, and SMTP
does not.  By logging in to POP, you verify that you are authorized to use
their SMTP service.  It opens up a worm hole that allows you to send SMTP
mail for a short period.

You don't have to actually READ your e-mail, you just have to log in.

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POP is a very easy protocol, but all you really need to do is login and
logout.  You use the imap_* functions to access it.

    imap_open( "INBOX" username, password )
- Tim Roberts, timr@probo.com
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Re: pop before smtp


on 11/04/2005 04:50 PM Kees said the following:
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My ISP requires POP authentication before sending. I use this class to  
solve that problem as it supports POP before SMTP authentication as you  


I use and recommend it to use in conjunction with this MIME message  
class that everything PHPMailer does and more. It can use the SMTP class  
above to deliver properly composed messages:



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