PLEEEEASE HEEEEEELP!!! mysql+php+chacaters

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Hi, I have problem that I tried to solve but i missed out. My
I have problem that my page
display some wrong characters (Slovak language).
Apache server 2.0.54 runs on windows-1250 character set, same as php
page was written in, and the dump file for mysql database has same
codepage cp1250. The Mysql SHOW SESSION VARIABLES; looks like:

| character_set_client            | cp1250
| character_set_connection        | cp1250
| character_set_database          | cp1250
| character_set_results           | cp1250
| character_set_server            | cp1250
| character_set_system            | utf8
| character_sets_dir              | /usr/local/share/mysql/charsets/
| collation_connection            | cp1250_general_ci
| collation_database              | cp1250_bin
| collation_server                | cp1250_general_ci

Web server has windows-1250 codepage, mysql have cp1250 codepage, sql
dump file is windows-1250, (file __vodotika_sql.txt: Non-ISO
extended-ASCII text, with very long lines, with CRLF line terminators)
Only static page, have good characters. but only those characters which
are in mysql database from dump file are  bad displayed on page. The
interesting thing is that phpmyadmin shows good characters when I
eploring the whole database.

Please help me! I will try everything to solve this problem. Any ideas
any possible reasons any tips... everything. please send me... Many
thanx. Frlo.

Re: PLEEEEASE HEEEEEELP!!! mysql+php+chacaters

Sometimes that Shity MySQL collation messes up things. Try to remove
this cp1250_bin to simple cp1250 (NOT BIN) collation and reenter data.

Could help, could not...hope it is the 1st.

Re: PLEEEEASE HEEEEEELP!!! mysql+php+chacaters

But thats a problem, because i have only two choices to set
Is anything missing in my mysql box?

Re: PLEEEEASE HEEEEEELP!!! mysql+php+chacaters

Thats a problem because i have only two choices to change collatation
Is anythin missing in my mysql box???

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