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Hi all,

I'm new to this group so please accept my apologies if this has already
been covered!

I have a site thats for my mates and myself to use from a chat room we
all frequent and have been trying to install a forum for god knows how
long now.

I'm not really very good with html, sql and all that stuff as i've just
started to dabble with it in the past 6 month or so, and the site i run
i built using a wysiwyg program.

So my problem is this; Can someone please write, or point me in the
direction of a plain english step by step walk-thru for integrating a
php template into my site so i can have my forum? Everything i have
found so far is just to complicated for me.  

Much obliged!

Re: plain english please!! schreef:
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I don't understand. What do you want?

Re: plain english please!!

download and install phpBB

You will need a database (mySQL preferably but it will run on any) and
some web space.

You will need to know how to transfer files to the web space using FTP

You will need to know how to unzip files on your local computer using

You will need to know the server address, name and password for your

If you need help on any of the above, I would suggest that it is
currently beyond you and that you should learn some more about how
interactive web sites work.  If you can do all of this then phpBB comes
with easy install and set up tools and has lots of templates


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