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I don't know if my question is out of topic...so I apologize if I am.

I use the coppermine picture gallery for my web (actually I want to use it
but the server doesn't seem to have GD running but I will beg them to
activate it). How can I actually find out if GD is installed? I tried to use
phpinfo() and I searched for a GD entry, but no one was there, so can I be
sure, that GD isn't installed? (Because the admins of the webhosting told me
that it IS installed.)

But the actual question is:
I've got an old web gallery with descriptions of the pictures. I'd now like
to transform this into the new gallery - I don't mind uploading the pictures
again, but I am really horrified by the idea of entering all that
description text again for all those pictures. So I was asking myself, if it
was possible to take the descriptions somehow out of all those html-files
and insert them automatically as comments (the coppermine gallery is able to
receive comments to the pictures) to the coppermine picture gallery. Do you
know if there's a way to do this or is it just impossible? The text could,
instead of as a comment, also just be added as text below the picture (I'd
even prefer this solution).

The original html-files are just very simple (some thumbnails, then the
picture, below the text...).

Thank you for your reply!


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