Phrame form validation and repopulation

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I've been playing around with Phrame [1] the last couple of days in the
search for a development framework for future projects.

I stumbled upon one issue which I can't figure out how to handle most
appropriatly - namely where to put the form validation code i.e.

- in the perform() method of the specialized Action class.
- in the validate() method of the specialized Form class.
- in the set methods for the model class(es).

It is my experience that wherever I put it, I am tying things together
(e.g Actions to Models or Forms to Models) thereby prohibiting reuse of
the individual classes.

Another issue is the repopulation of a form after a failed validation -
i.e. refilling the correct values in the form. I fiddled around with
different approaches, but each time ended up tying things together that
shouldn't be ;) How should this be done respecting both the framework
and the design pattern?


regards, Jakob Kirkegaard

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