phpXperts Coding Contest Announced for October 2005

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Problem of this month : Article Management System

phpXperts Coding Contest, October 2005.

This project will help PHP developers who want to boost up their skill
in a competitive environment. Competition brings much pleasure and
knowledge. We hope this coding-contest will give more pleasure to you
all the PHP lovers.

To inspire you with the real life problems every month we plan to
arrange this coding contest with intuitive and distinct problems. As
much as u participate, you will improve your coding skill as well as
learn how to solve these problems with your favorite language. So don't
waste your time, lets register for the contest and start.

Features of the article manager:

1. There must be an admin panel and you can add users and manage their
privileges management via admin panel. You may use LDAP, Active
Directory or any Database for this.

2. If you apply design patterns, that will be considered as a plus.

3. Must support unlimited categories, subcategories and authors.

4. There must be article and author rating system present in your
article manager.

5. Anonymous users can submit comment on articles.

6. You must implement a flexible CRUD (Cut Retrieve Update Delete)
system for managing articles

7. You must implement WYSIWYG content editor

8. Draft management should be implemented

9. Password protected article

10. Image management system for articles.

11. There must be different roles of each and every user. Also you must
ensure that someone could be of higher privilege and someone could be
with lower. Higher privileged person can edit lower privileged person's
article anytime.

12. Template based look-n-feel for the site.

13. There must be a system to block any IP address from viewing the
article manager.

14. There must be a traffic logging system.


1. You must be a member of phpXperts group. If you are not a member
yet, go to and become member.

2. You can use PHP4 or PHP5, but we prefer PHP5.

2. Your article management system must be compatible with Linux
Operating System

3. You can use MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite as your database backend.

4. You must separate presentation layer from your business logic using
any popular template engine like smarty.

5. You must implement Data Abstraction Layers by yourself or you may
use some existing one like adoDB.

6. No copyrighted material is allowed. If we find anything copyrighted,
your code will not be qualified for the contest. Moreover if you use
any third party library or module, you must mention it and give credit
to the proper developer.

7. You must follow the standard coding convention and properly document
your code. Submissions without documentation will be considered minus.
But remember; don't make your code over commented.

8. You cannot use any COM extension.

9. You must release the source code under GPL.


1. All sources along with dependencies (recommended) should be bundled
in an archive.

2. Installation Note

3. Database Schema

4. Dummy Data.


1. One developer license of Fusion Chart (worth $149) from Infosoft

2. One original paperback book (UK edition) from Packt Publishers

3. Two one year PDF subscription of best PHP Magazine "PHP Architect"
from "Somewhere In... "

How to submit Code

1. Bundle all your code and necessary documents and email to us at

2. Soon we will provide a web based interface for uploading your code
instead of emailing. Keep in touch.


You must submit your project before  November 14th, 2005.

And Finally, Judges will decide the winner and Their Decission is

Thank you for your interest in phpXperts Coding Contest.

-- phpXperts

Re: phpXperts Coding Contest Announced for October 2005

On 16 Oct 2005 09:22:02 -0700, "CountDraculla"

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I'm sorry, that set of requirements is too exciting and inspirational
for me. Please choose a more tedius, boring and everyday task for your

next competition.  

Re: phpXperts Coding Contest Announced for October 2005

CountDraculla wrote:

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My clients pay 15.000 euro for such a system each time.  

You are wasting my market with this contest!

Erwin Moller

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