phptarsier-0.1.1pre-alpha release!

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Release Name: phptarsier 0.1.1pre-alpha

This release was delayed in schedule due to some projects that I have
to do first. Sorry for those who have anticipated this early.

This has been one of the major milestones in phptarsier releases. There
has been some major changes from the previous release. Future releases
will include the implementation of phpUnit test suite, other database
implementations, script and code generators and anything possible.

* introduction of Html class to organize Html functionalities such as
text_fields, buttons, forms, etc.
* introducton of Ajax class that encapsulates the functionality of the
prototype javascript library ( )
* Effect class that implements the javascript functionality of library ( )
* implementation of has_and_belongs_to_many in ActiveRecord
* implementation of belongs_to in ActiveRecord
* a change from "public static" to just "public" in the table_name()
and primary_key() functions of ActiveRecord due to some implementation
problems with PHP in static variables and functions
* minor bug fixes

Re: phptarsier-0.1.1pre-alpha release!

phptarsier is an MVC Framework implementation in PHP 5 patterned after
RoR. you can download the framework at .

Thank You,

Junrey Beduya

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