phpMyadmin and winMysqladmin problem

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I had installed FoxServ which included php /mysql / apache / perl and
I wont be using perl and python at all. I tried backing mysql database
from another machine using mysqldump but then i had problems backing
the db coz the mysql version was giving an error saying " Query Empty
at line 4".

So i dloaded the latest mysql 5.0 package from the mysql website.
And php and mysql works fine. But the problem now is that the
phpMyadmin is no longer working. It gives the error "phpMyAdmin - error
Could not load any language, please check your language settings and

And also winMysqladmin is no longer detecting the latest mysql server.

 What went wrong. What should i do to make phpMyadmin and winMysqladmin
working as it was before i upgraded mysql.

Note: upgrading was essential for me to be able to backup the database
which is required.

any settings i need to change in the config files???

any help wud be much appreciated.

thanx in advance

Re: phpMyadmin and winMysqladmin problem

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php iz ez fo da web bu perl iz ez 4 da scrip master on da-cmd-lyn-rok-it-yall.

l8r coo foo

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