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Quick question.  In my database I have 2 tables. 1)initial_users and
2)registered_users.  This is what i want to accomplish.  When someone
signs up with my site the info goes into initial_users which is
working. Once I have verified there information I want to drop there
row of information into registered_users, can I do this with
phpMyAdmin if so I cant figure it out.  And as well is there any other
way that people would suggest how to accomplish this.

Re: phpMyAdmin

I noticed that Message-ID:

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Why two tables?  Why not just have a field that simply records whether
they are verified or not?

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Re: phpMyAdmin

Rob wrote:
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That was a "INSERT INTO initial_users ..." sql command.

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                      *their*                          *their*
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I know no way to do that in one instruction.
You can do it in two:

    a) INSERT INTO registered_users
       SELECT <col1>, <col2>, ...
       FROM initial_users
       WHERE ...

    b) DELETE FROM inital_users
       WHERE ...

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Don't know phpMyAdmin, but I guess you can type the sql commands
somewhere in its interface and execute them.

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