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Hello All,

I use PHPMailer with my SMTP server
I changed my mail server to to

So, i replaced by
similarly with his port no. also,

However, my application does not sent email.

So, what can be the reason ?

Please, tell me.

Thanks in advance.

Re: PHPMailer problem

On Mon, 19 May 2008 06:59:08 -0700 (PDT), pradeep wrote:
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Lots of things COULD be the problem. A very likely one is that you
haven't gotten correct configuration for authentication at the SMTP
server, and the server is refusing to accept your mail without it.
You'll probably want to ramp up the ->SMTPDebug level a bit to see
what's actually failing.

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Re: PHPMailer problem

pradeep wrote:
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A number of ISP's recently made changes whereby they only accept
Authenticated AND encrypted SMTP connects from with in their network.  I
have not had the time to research how to do this within my own server...
  I have heard there is a "fix" for it.  Search for phpmailer smtp ssl.


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