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Does anyone know how I can send an email using PHPMailer (or similar)
and have it send 'on behalf of' someone.

This is for a tell a friend feature on a website (I am trying to mimic
the way that the BBC website does it as I believe this will help with
the more strict spam filters).  I know I could just send the email
directly from our sites email address, but that would stop the
recipient being able to reply to the friend sending the email.

I hope that makes sense!



Re: PHPMailer On Behalf Of

thehuby wrote:
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There are things beyond PHP here.  Your outgoing mail server must
permit this.  Many hosting companies do not allow sending mail with
"From:" headers containing addresses that do not belong to the domain
being hosted.

If this is not a problem, there are plenty of examples at phpMailer Web


Re: PHPMailer On Behalf Of

*** thehuby escribió/wrote (8 Sep 2006 04:24:10 -0700):
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Since it is your web site the one that's actually sending the message, I'd
put your site's e-mail in the "From" field and the visitor's address in the
"Reply-to" field, along with a brief explanation.

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Re: PHPMailer On Behalf Of

Thanks for the suggestions - I have gone with the Reply To option for

Very simple using PHPMailer - I doubt my host would have changed their
mail system settings for me!


Alvaro G. Vicario wrote:
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