phplot: multiple graphs on one page (table layout)

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I want to put data from a database table in different graphs on the same
page (in table layout). I'm using objects for my data so have to use
session variables.

When I execute the script every graph is made from the last data. The
image (created on the fly) which is showed is always the same.

Below my code

if (!session_is_registered('data')) {
if (!session_is_registered('xmin')) {
if (!session_is_registered('xmax')) {
if (!session_is_registered('legend')) {

if (session_is_registered('resultaat')){
    if (sizeof($resultaat->result_list)>0){
        for ($j = 0;$j < sizeof($resultaat->meet_punten_temp);$j++){
            $data=''; //leegmaken van data
            for ($i=0;$i<sizeof($resultaat->result_list);$i++){
//("", tijdas, meetpunt)
            echo "<tr><td colspan=5>image: ". $j ."<IMG SRC=\"image_script.php\"
/></td></tr>", "\n";

How should I do this?


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