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RE: Not making a php script available to the public .

While putting a script on the likes of 'hotscripts' means a instant
amount of hits and users etc - the down side is that people can then
have a good look through the code to look for known exploits etc .

Like many users on here i'm well past the 'ego trip' stage of other
people installing and using my scripts .

So , Would you say this sort of thing is going to be a growing trend in
the future [1] or do you think most people will still write scripts for
other people to use .

[1] the argument being - the need - and the amount of time spent of
writing security fixes etc would be greatly reduced - if not become
practically non existent because its not important enough for a skilled
hacker to bother with .

[2] although still keeping it easy enough to setup a guestbook account
for other users as the only thing they need to use it would be a
username and password .

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