phpexcelreader, help needed

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Hi there

I'm trying to use the program phpexcelreader which I downloaded at /.
I followed up the instructions but I'm not able to show the html files.
I've added some echo's to the program to find out where it goes wrong
and I think it's in the class in the following loop:

while ($sbdBlock != -2) {
          $pos = ($sbdBlock + 1) * BIG_BLOCK_SIZE;
            //echo "Positie=".$pos;

          for ($j = 0; $j < BIG_BLOCK_SIZE / 4; $j++) {
            $this->smallBlockChain[$index] = GetInt4d($this->data, $pos);
            $pos += 4;

            //echo $teller."<br>";
            //echo $sbdBlock;
            if($sbdBlock == -2)    {echo "-2";}
          $sbdBlock = $this->bigBlockChain[$sbdBlock];

No matter what xls-file i use, the loop stops at a count of 2342. Mayby
this is some kind of maximum...also the exit condition of ($sbdBlock ==
-2) is never reached...

Has anyone had the same problem or knows a solution for this. my php
knowledge isnt very good so i'm not able to find it out myself.

thx in advance


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