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I recently started playing around with Eclipse while experimenting
with Android app development, and I wondered if it would be worth my
while looking for a PHP plugin for it so I could try it out as a PHP
development tool as well.

There's two plugins out there though, PHPEclipse, and PDT.

So far I've not managed to get a definitive answer as to which one is
better, all I did find out is that PDT is built by Zend, and that the
PHPEclipse guys hate it for that fact, labelling it a crippleware
version of Zend Studio.

So what I'm really looking for is some objective advice regarding the
relative merits of each package.  Which is the one to go for?  Ideally
I'd like a package that could do debugging (breakpointing, jumping to
the line number that triggered the error, stack traces etc) and
profiling from within the IDE itself, so their features in that
respect is what I'm most interested in.  However the other stuff (how
well it integrates into Eclipse, how useful it is in general, how much
assistance it gives a coder, etc) is worth mentioning too

Any thoughts?

Re: PHPEclipse versus PDT

Gordon wrote:
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Gordon, something like this is all a matter of preference.  Try them
both and use which one you like better.

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Re: PHPEclipse versus PDT

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As Jerry says this is personal, but I find PDT and Netbeans the best
of the bunch.

Re: PHPEclipse versus PDT

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On 16/07/10 10:57, Gordon wrote:
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I've played a lot with Netbeans, Eclipse and ZendStudio. Since sometimes I
wanted to test something new.

If you want something for free use netbeans. I has a php only build too.
If you are really in Debugging and need something good and easy to use, the go
for ZendStudio. It has the best debugging I've seen yet.

Johannes Ke▀ler
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