phpdocumentor under php5 error!

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I have just installed phpdocumentor on using:

pear.bat install phpdocumentor-beta

to suitable my php version.

Then i create a test file "test.php" to have a trial.
But the result is:
E:\yarco\workshop\web\php>phpdoc.bat -f test.php -pp on -s on -o
HTML:frames:default -t test
PHP Warning:  main(PhpDocumentor/phpDocumentor/ failed to
open stream: No such file or directory in
D:\unix\usr\local\lib\PEAR\phpdoc on line 39

So, i add:
into phpdoc.

I run:
E:\yarco\workshop\web\php>phpdoc.bat -f test.php -pp on -s on -o
HTML:frames:default -t E:\yarco\workshop\web\php\test

But get the following errors:
PHP Version 5.1.0RC1
phpDocumentor version 1.3.0RC3

Parsing configuration file phpDocumentor.ini...
using tokenizer Parser

Notice: Undefined variable: masterPath in
D:\unix\usr\local\lib\PEAR\pear\PhpDocumentor\phpDocumentor\ on
line 391



Tutorial/Extended Documentation Parsing Stage


General Parsing Stage


Converting From Abstract Parsed Data

Processing Class Inheritance

Processing Root Trees

Processing leftover classes (classes that extend root classes not found
in the same package)
done processing leftover classes

Processing Procedural Page Element Name Conflicts

Sorting page elements...done
Formatting @uses list...done

Fatal error: Only variables can be passed by reference in
D:\unix\usr\local\lib\PEAR\pear\PhpDocumentor\phpDocumentor\ on
line 472
PHP Notice:  Undefined variable: masterPath in
hpDocumentor\phpDocumentor\ on line 391
PHP Fatal error:  Only variables can be passed by reference in
\lib\PEAR\pear\PhpDocumentor\phpDocumentor\ on line 472

Anyone who can help me?

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