phpDocumentor beta giving unexpected results

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Overall, I'm pleased with phpDocumentor, but I've only been using it a
day, and I'm not getting exactly what I expected.  I've read the FAQ,
Tutorial and Manual briefly.

I'm using WinXP
PHP Version 5.0.4
phpDocumentor version 1.3.0RC6

Many of my files and functions are not being documented right and are
not being categorized into the correct package.
At first I noticed it on the functions, and using the
HTML:frames:default  the displayed Fx link was on the LH frame, but
clicking just showed a blank page on the RH frame.  I wondered if
indentation was a problem, but I've tried both ways, and I'm not
getting any Fx descriptions from the DocBlocks and tags I've inserted.

The (mandatory?) page-level DocBlock with @package tag at top, seems
strongly suggested, so I've tried to comply.   A following  "require"
statement often gives error, so I've used a dummy DocBlock for that
separately, such as:
     *   include require stuff

I notice files that use a page-leve DocBlock with the same @package
and @subpackage tags, are not all being categorized correctly, some
falling into default package.

I used Pear to install phpDocumentor
Quoted text here. Click to load it
I'm using the command-line (CLI) to do this, but I'm not using
"php-cli"  as the manual refers to it.  That must be from earlier PHP
I also did not find, any easy to use  .bat files  or  phpdoc.php  or
I Did find:   and it seems to be working OK

Quoted text here. Click to load it
obviously with the proper args for the corresponding switches.

I know this product is used widely and has alot of support.   I'm
hoping, this buggy behavior is either something I've not realized, or
easily fixed with a suggestion.  thanks.

Re: phpDocumentor beta giving unexpected results

I've solved the categorization issue; seems to have stemmed from not
having proper page-level DocBlock, and following DocBlock assoc with
I've eliminated all the warnings and now files and classes are in
proper package-subPkg.

Still having problems getting the Fxs documented.  So allow me to
Is Win CLI a valid way to run this ?  (note versions, from prev. post)
The only Fx that did appear in RH frame of documentation, had DocBlock
with only tags.
Most of my Fxs have DocBlock with  short desc, long desc, and tags

Is there a specific format that I should adhere to ?
Can the long desc have a blank line in the middle of it  ?  ( *
prepended, of course )
Can the @tags start on the lines immediately following ?
I notice heredoc assignments in my php file,  will that throw things
off ?
Do functions require @package tags ?

Does phpdoc require type hints ?
I got some strange, inaccurate Doc's from the 1 that did get detailed
in the Doc.
~~~~~~~  Doc Output ~~~~~~~~
 getCurrImplDate (line 27)
return: ImpliedYear
int getCurrImplDate ( $mo, int $mo )
int $mo

~~~~~~~  Code Reads ~~~~~~~~
*   @param int $mo
*   @return int ImpliedYear
function getCurrImplDate($mo) { .... }

~~~~~~~  End of Example ~~~~~~~~

Any help appreciated;
I'm looking forward to a resolution and successfully using phpDoc as a
great tool.

Re: phpDocumentor beta giving unexpected results

I am not familiar with a formal "Package" structure in PHP (unlike
Java) and I have loosely grouped by files, by conceptual functionality.
 If more formal I may have to redo.
Perhaps phpdoc is tailored toward OO projects primarily.  Only 1/4 of
my dev is OO.

Also, I am noticing a few more relevant warnings/errors in the Doc
Process Output
here regarding a customised Exception, of course with Parent class:

WARNING: class MyExc in package MyPackage parent not found in @see

Fatal error: Call to undefined method ReflectionClass::hasMethod() in
C:\PHP\PEAR\PhpDocumentor\phpDocumentor\ on line 1724

I'll just ask for assistance and resolution, not knowing enough about
Hopefully I won't have to moan and lay in wait, all weekend  LOL.

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