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i followed the instructions at the bottom of this post to a "T".

i even added c:\php\extensions to my windows path and moved my php_dbg
dll into the same extensions folder.  This covers the server extension

when i run the debugger in phpcoder nothing happens.  even when i take
my code and cut it in half in the middle of a php function.

does anybody have any words of wisdon to help out here?



Using precompiled version for Win32:
download DBG archive, and unpack it.
There are some versions of php_dbg.dll-x.x.x where x.x.x is a php
version the dll is compatible with.
from this point onwards, installation is similar to the installation
of any official PHP extension. Proceed with "Configuring server part"

Configuring server part:
copy php_dbg.dll (win32) or (linux) into appropriate directory.
Read PHP documentation on how to install PHP extension.
add extension=php_dbg.dll (win32) or (linux) entry
into php.ini file.
enable debugger: find and edit (or add new) following entries in the
php.ini file:
debugger.enabled = true
debugger.profiler_enabled = true
debugger.JIT_host = clienthost
debugger.JIT_port = 7869
note that clienthost is a keyword for DBG. If you use it, DBG will
automatically detect IP of each client.
run <? phpinfo(); ?> script just to make sure dbg extension is working
properly. You will see following message in the header:

with DBG v2.11.23, (C) 2000,2003 by Dmitri Dmitrienko,
http://dd.cron.ruand appropriately formed dbg section.
If you get any problems with configuring the server part, read
instructions, especially Installation of Windows extensions, then
repeat steps listed above. Do not expect DBG to work if you didn't
copy the bundled dlls from 'dlls' folder to any directory listed in
Windows PATH.

Client part
DBG does not contain any graphical fron-end IDE, so you should install
one of the following:
PHPEd (Windows and Linux).
PHP Edit (Windows only).
PHP Coder (Windows only).
DBG-CLI console client (Linux/Unix).

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