phpBB nesting?

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Is it possible to configure phpBB to display threads "newsgroup style"?
 What I mean by this is to show replies to the top level post indented
in a tree structure.  One thing I cannot stand about phpBB is that all
replies to a top-level topic are in a long train.  You never know if
somebody is replying to the person before him or the original poster,
etc.  If not, does anybody know another open source forum tool that
does this, besides mwforum?



Re: phpBB nesting?

<28 Jul 2005 12:54:11 -0700>

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IMS ikonboard does what your looking for .

I think the proper term is 'threaded forum' if you want to try google  
for alternatives as ikonboard is the install from hell if the server  
doesnt like it .

Re: phpBB nesting?

JM wrote:
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Go to an there to the "mod-database". There you can find a  
lot uf more or less usefull modifications and addons to phpbb.

What you're searching for might be this



Re: phpBB nesting?


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