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Hi guys, I'm trying to output from an XML string and am having no luck. I'm  
using PHP5 here.

If I print_r the array I get all the results plus extra text, but am unable  
to extract the individual response. Any pointers appreciated.

Here's the code that shows the results...

  $get_all_value = $xmlrpc_resp->value();
  $albums_array = php_xmlrpc_decode($get_all_value);
 print $albums_array['string'];

Here's the result string that I want to break up ...

xmlrpcval Object
    [me] => Array
            [string] =>
    <photos page="1" pages="1" perpage="500" total="155">
        <photo id="114766115" owner="xxxxxx" secret="xxxxxx" server="50"  
title="Water Pump, Bushy Park" ispublic="1" isfriend="0" isfamily="0" />
        <photo id="114765757" owner="xxxxxx" secret="xxxxxx" server="36"  
title="Deer, Bushy Park" ispublic="1" isfriend="0" isfamily="0" />    </photos>


    [mytype] => 1
    [_php_class] =>
)Many thanks  

Re: PHP5 simplexml

Hi all, I didn't get any replies on this unfoprtunately, but thought I'd  
give a second go with an error from my apache log.

[Tue Mar 28 10:02:16 2006] [error] [client] PHP Warning:  
simplexml_load_string() expects parameter 1 to be string, object given in  
z:\xmlrpc.php on line 34\n

So, how do I convert from an object to a string?!

<crosses fingers>
</crosses fingers>
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