-> [PHP5]: Problem with mysql_fetch_object trying to convert to int???

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I am currently moving a PHP4 application to PHP5 and I run across a
strange problem and don't understand why it causes error messages.

Here is what I have.
In a class I have the following

    class dbConnection {
        private $result  ;
        private $linkID  ;
        private $query   ;
        public $row      ;
        static private $instance ; // Singleton
        function &getRow() {
            if( !($this->row = mysql_fetch_object($this->result)) )
                $this->row = 0 ;
            return $this->row ;

Then in my application I have the following (it's in another class):

    class Welcome {

        private $db             =  0 ;
        $this->db = dbConnection::getInstance() ;
        $this->db->connect("") ;

        // Parse data until no more rows are available
        while( ($this->row = $this->db->getRow() ) != 0 ) {
                $this->myVar1 = $this->row->theVar1 ;
                $this->myVar2 = $this->row->theVar2 ;
            /// blah blah

The problem is on while line.
The error message is
    Notice: Object of class stdClass could not be converted to int in
    /[...]/jorditests/[myappname]/class_welcome.php on line 270

This works without problem in PHP4. Not in PHP5.
In PHP5, I then can get the data out of the $row variable and the
result is correct. But why the convertion Notice warning?

(Note that in PHP4 I have MySQL 4, and on the PHP5 server, MySQL 5)

Any clue why?

Thanks for any help.


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Re: -> [PHP5]: Problem with mysql_fetch_object trying to convert to int???

Steve JORDI wrote:
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The message is correct.  You're checking an object returned by your
getRow() function and then attempting to compare that object to integer
zero.  There is no conversion for the two.

Rather, try returning false instead of zero from your function, and just
checking for false/not false, i.e.

while($this->row = $this->db->getRow())

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