PHP5, MySQL & libmysql.dll

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Hi All,
I'm moving some php/mysql development work from one PC to another. I wanted  
to use the latest versions of php, MySQL and Apache on the new machine, so  
I've downloaded the appropriate stuff and installed it. However, I'm getting  
the old familiar error when starting the server:

PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library 'c:/php/ext/php_mysql.dll - The  
specified module could not be found

Now I understand that this is because it can't find the libmysql.dll file.  
The php version 5.1.1. for windows doesn't contain a libmysql.dll file so I  
assumed that I could use the one in the MySQL distribution (version 5.0.18)  
but this doesn't work (even when placed in the System32 directory). I'm  
using Apache 2.0.55 on Windows XP.
I've done all the usual stuff:
1). Editing the http.conf file.
2). Setting Windows Path variable to C:/php and C:/php/ext
3). Defining the extension_dir in php.ini
4). Uncommenting the LoadModule line for MySQL, etc...

So basically I'm completely stuck. However I was wondering:

1). Why is there not a version of libmysql.dll in php version 5.1.1?.  
There's a suggestion that you can get one from the 'zip' download. However,  
this is not correct (at least for 5.1.1. version). Where can I get a 5.1.1.  
compatible libmysql.dll file?.
2). Is it reasonable for me to use the libmysql.dll file in the MySQL  
3). And are Apache 2.0.55, MySQL 5.0.18 & PHP 5.1.1 compatible?. If not then  
this might explain why the MySQL libmysql.dll file doens't work.

Please help! - before I lose my sanity!!.


Re: PHP5, MySQL & libmysql.dll

On Sun, 1 Jan 2006 23:40:36 -0000, "David Moore"

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 There IS one in the 5.1.1 .zip distribution.

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