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Hello everyone,

I have been trying for the past couple of days to get php5 installation on  
either my laptop or my test server.  I'm not having much luck with either.  
I would like to get my test server running first (windows 2003 sp1), so I  
will discuss what I've done there.

Downloaded the the latest version of php5
Extracted the files into a folder on the server c:\php5
Edited  and saved the php.ini file to set cgi.force_redirect = 0
Copied the php.ini file to c:\windows
Added c:\php5 to environment path and restarted machine.
Added web extension for php under IIS
Added php to application extension under the home directory tab in IIS and  
restarted machine.
Create phpinfo.php page in the inetpub directory under wwwroot.

That be said now when I bring up the phpinfo.php page, I don't get anything  
but a white page.  When I view my source code, I see the <? phpinfo(); ?>.  
Not sure why I can't get this to work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Re: php5 installation

Auddog schreef:

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If it's a Windows 2003 server, it means you're running IIS 6. In IIS 6  
you have to specifically allow the php extension to be run.
I don't have an IIS 6 machine at hand here, but the setting is located  
somewhere at "Web Server Extensions".

P.S. If it's only for testing purposes WAMP-server might be a nice  
option too. It's a simple installation package of Apache2, MySQL and  
PHP5. See:



Re: php5 installation

It wasn't anything I thought it was.  In my phpinfo file, I forgot the php  
after the <?

Thanks for all the help.


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