PHP5 instability problem with both FastCGI and ISAPI (Win2k/IIS)

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Hi guys,

I've got 3 W2K Advanced Server machines here running PHP5.0.0 on IIS5.
Two of them run perfectly using FastCGI. The third is unstable with
FastCGI, after it's been running for a day or so it starts randomly
printing out the error "-2147417842 (0x8001010e)" on a blank page.
(Restarting IIS clears this for another day)

If I try to use the built in ISAPI module it will give the "PHP has
encountered an access violation" error at the end of various pages
throughout the server (especially when a page is requested by a
different PHP page using file_get_contents(" /")
where the same page viewed through a browser won't give the error message

One thing that seems to be mentioned in a lot of websites is it being
caused by MySQL, however all machines are set up the same and running
ISAPI plenty of pages that do access MySQL don't get that error. I've
tried turning off persistant connections but that didn't fix either error.


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