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I am trying to install PHP using the ISAPI dll. It works fine using
the EXE, but with the DLL I receive the following error message:

The specified procedure could not be found.

I have copied the DLL into my windows\system32 folder, but the error
still appears. I tried adding my PHP folder to my PATH environment
variable, but that didnt help either.

Anybody have any ideas?

Help would be much appreciated!


Re: PHP5, IIS6 and ISAIP Help! wrote:
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Have you checked this out?


Re: PHP5, IIS6 and ISAIP Help!

On Thu, 04 Aug 2005 14:35:36 +0100, wrote:

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 Stop now and undo what you did. Don't copy anything into Windows system
directories, particularly since as this is IIS6 you're running a Windows Server
operating system, so screwing with the system directories is even worse than on
the workstation operating systems. It's also never necessary; PATH is

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 You said you added it to your environment variable. What about the one that
the webserver actually uses? Did you add it as a system variable or a user

 If you added as a system variable, you can start eliminating what's causing
the errors; first comment out all the extensions in php.ini. The most common
cause of this is having an old MySQL client DLL on the path first, which
doesn't have some of the procedures that the bundled PHP MySQL extension needs.

 If it starts up with the extensions all commented out, add them in one at a
time until it fails.

 If it doesn't start up, then it could well be that php5ts.dll isn't actually
on the path, or it's not accessible to the webserver.

 If you post back with your findings after trying these then it should be
possible to suggest more.

 I'd also download Dependency Walker and run it against any extension DLLs that
you want to load; but bear in mind that it'll be running against your
environment, which may differ (in variables and permissions) from that that the
webserver runs under.

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