PHP5 hosting - do not go with

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If you are looking for PHP5 hosting, do not use as their downtime is outrageous (about 1 out
of every 3 days they are down).

They do not contact customers in regard to downtime, and when I asked
them why my site was down so regularly they didn't even reply, although
they do reply about other support issues.  Often even their site
disappears during the "downtime"!

They are cheap ($25 a year for basic plan) but it's definitely not
worth the lost earnings your business may incur!  Even for a personal
user, it's not worth it.

Use anybody else who you can!

Re: PHP5 hosting - do not go with

The only way for these companies to make money is to put many clients on
each server. When one genius decides it's time to run that wonderful script
that goes into an endless loop and crashes the database, everyone on the
server suffers. The solution? Pay more for a different service. If you pay
more, you will be pooled with (less) other people who pay more, and these
folks tend to be a little more experienced with the technology - at least
experienced enough to make the kind of money that affords them a more
reliable host, as well as more careful not to mess up since it's actually a
somewhat meaningful investment for them. And that's really the bottom line.


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