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Do you have any experience with any, recommendations? I've checked php on
trax but it's still in an early stage of development. I'm looking for
something with a some ready to use controlls (dbgrids for example),
prefferably mvc and good documentation... The problem is that google (and
phpwact) gives a lots of results, but I'm looking for a solid tested one.



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CakePHP ( /) is an MVC PHP framework based on some
of the concepts of Ruby on Rails.  As with Trax it's still early in
development, but moving at a very fast pace.  As such, documentation is
also a bit sparse but help can always be found through other channels
(wiki, api, #cakephp, and the Google Group).

Definitely worth a look!

Re: PHP5 frameworks

Thanks, I'll check it out.


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Following on from B.r.K.o.N.j.A.'s message. . .
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I couldn't get Symfony to work.
Cake is a far cry from being industrial strength.

The longer you can wait the better the offerings will be - any one you  
go with will need a fair investment of time and effort to discover how  
it really works and how to tweak it to your needs.

If you find a good one let us know.

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Re: PHP5 frameworks


You may want to check out Qcodo:

There is a nice 'screencast' 20 minute movie which shows the basics of
the framework. It does have a nice dbgrid control.


Re: PHP5 frameworks

cjl wrote:
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I've been working with WASP for a while now.  It's really solid and  
under active development. I'm a contributor on the project and I think  
it is headed in a good direction.


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