PHP4 - zlib functions not working

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I had to update my server configuration consisting of Apache2 and PHP4. I  
now have installed:

apache2/apache2-prefork          2.0.54-2.1
apache-mod_php4/php4-zlib/php4   4.3.11-0.3.1

"Regular" PHP scripts work just fine, but the websvn script is acting up -  
after selecting a repository the page just "hangs", i.e. the browser waits  
"forever" for a response. If that happens there is no error message in the  
server log and it looks like the thread just gets stuck and never returns.  
Using Gubed I tracked it down to the zlib functions, i.e. whenever the  
script calls a line like

$output = transArray(gzfile($cachedname));

it hangs there and I can't get control over it anymore. Does anybody have  
some insight whether I miss anything or tips how i can track this down  


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