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  I've had setup on WinXP: Apache1.3 with PHP4 module and PHP5 installed as  
CGI for one vhost.
  This worked fine, till I installed Zend Studio 4 beta.

  I'm trying to make Zend Server use my existing configuration, but without  
  If I point it to PHP4 php.ini, PHP cannot find (or rather refuses to  
load) modules.
  If I point it to PHP5 php.ini, I cannot enter server console, because my  
php lacks ZendOptimizer
  (even if I install ZendOptimizer).

  [Zend docs are brief, and googling finds only obvious answers,
  like "install mysql and uncomment mysql extension".]

  Do you have any suggestions how to get this trio working?

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Re: PHP4 + PHP5 + ZendStudio


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Do you have the latest versions of PHP4 and PHP5 installed?  I had
problems with Zend Studio not working properly at all with PHP4 until
I installed the latest version.

I run both PHP4 and PHP5 but not together at once; I have a batch file
that converts my environment from one to the other depending on what I
need to work in.  Both are thus installed as a module and the
locations of server component are always the same.

It's possible the install has completely buggered your configuration.
It changes both your Apache configuration and your PHP.INI file.  I
suggest saving the old files and then undoing the changes and see if
you can't get everything working again.  Then put in the Zend Studio
configuration items as they make sense to do.  I had to do this and
now I'm working just fine.

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