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Hello everyone,

Basically I just found about about zlib and php. For a long while I
have been searching for a provider that allows zip compression through
php scripts and now I have this instead.

I have been playing around with it for a while, but I cannot seem to
gz multiple files at the same time, as in place them in the same

My goal is to be able to run a php script to compress and backup
folders, and I understand I will need to use recursion to retrieve all
the files but I would like to be able to append files to an archive
before I get into the more advanced part of the script.

Here is some sample code I have modified. I believe I originally found
it on

This script takes a parameter I set to "index.php" and firsts adds
that to the gz file.

Then I hardcoded a second file for testing purposes called
"mainLeft.php". I want to open the index.php.gz and see both index.php
and mainLeft.php, however I only see index.php. However, index.php is
actually contains the contents of mainLeft.php.

Here is the script:


function compress($srcFileName)
    $dstFileName = $srcFileName . ".gz";
    // getting file content
    $fp = fopen( $srcFileName, "r" );
    $data = fread ( $fp, filesize( $srcFileName ) );
    fclose( $fp );

    // writing compressed file
    $zp = gzopen( $dstFileName, "w9" );
    gzwrite( $zp, $data );

    $srcFileName = "mainLeft.php";
    // getting file content
    $fp = fopen( $srcFileName, "r" );
    $data = fread ( $fp, filesize( $srcFileName ) );
    fclose( $fp );

    // writing compressed file
    $zp = gzopen( $dstFileName, "w9" );
    gzwrite( $zp, $data );
    gzclose( $zp );


Re: php zlib

Rakshasas wrote:

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Gzip can only ever compress one file at a time -- that's just the way it
works. This is why Gzip is often used with Tar. Tar takes several files
and glues them together into one file, but doesn't compress them.

Indeed, they're so often used together than most modern versions of Tar
include an option to automatically pass the tar file through to gzip.

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Re: php zlib

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