php::xml_parse really really slow

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I have a website that is generated on the fly from XML templates.  I've  
been having some performance issues (pages taking 6 seconds or more to  
be generated) and profiled the php code.  (This is an embedded system  
with a slow CPU.)

It turns out that php::xml_parse is very, very slow.  My XML stuff isn't  
that complex, but only 4 calls to xml_parse account for 1/2 of the time  
it takes to generate the page.

Anyone know of a way to improve XML performance?  I don't need ereg/preg  
support, or anyting like that, but I have to get the xml_parser to run  

Any suggestions?  Any compile time options I can use to do some magic?

This is my configure script:

./configure \
         --host=arm-linux \
         --target=arm-linux \
         --build=i686-pc-linux-gnu \
         --with-zlib-dir=$ROOTDIR/$PLATFORM/lib \
         --with-ming=$ROOTDIR/../src/ming-0.3.0 \
         --disable-all \
         --enable-session \
         --enable-xml \
         --enable-sockets \
         --enable-fastcgi \
         --enable-ming \
         --enable-xdebug \
         --enable-force-cgi-redirect \
         --with-config-file-path=/etc \
         --prefix=/ \
         --exec-prefix=/bin \


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