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i am trying to put field from this page in a table, =*&dayf=10&prod=xoap&unit=m&par=1050532020&key=133aa3f76734eadf

i can get the correct data for the current day, but not for the forecast  
days  <dayf> :
  <lsup>10/22/07 3:19 PM Local Time</lsup>
- <day d="0" t="Monday" dt="Oct 22">
  <sunr>8:02 AM</sunr>
  <suns>6:41 PM</suns>
- <part p="d">
- <wind>
- <part p="n">
- <wind>
+ <day d="1" t="Tuesday" dt="Oct 23">

my code:
$parser = xml_parser_create(  );
 xml_parser_set_option($parser, XML_OPTION_CASE_FOLDING, 0);

 $city = htmlspecialchars($values[$index['dnam'][0]]['value']);
 $unit_temp = $values[$index['ut'][0]]['value'];
 $unit_speed = $values[$index['us'][0]]['value'];

I can not get the forecast days (1 to 9) in a correct array..
Do i need to parse again??

Thanks for your help

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