php won't recognize a carriage return

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php 4.3.6
windows xp

i need to read a file and match a regular expressions with this
pattern: "\r\ntitle"

preg_match($title_reg, $line, $resB);
if (ereg($find_reg, $line2))
echo $resb[0];

now if i put this pattern in powergrep 2.3.2 it recognizes it. however
if i try to use this pattern in my php script i get bupkis nada nothing
zero. i've tried putting the carriage return in () and in [] but i get
nothing still. when i print the pattern to my browser i see a space in
front of my title showing me that php is recognizing something but it
does not print the \r\n so i'm pretty sure that is why i'm not getting
a i know these are not printable characters but they are in a
string so they should print to the screen.
So my assumption is that php is erasing or translating /r/n into
something so that it does not match my pattern.

Re: php won't recognize a carriage return

awsnering my own question here/
ok i found out why  duh
it would not recognize a carriage return because that return was on the
line before and it could not see that line because i am reading one
line at a time.

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