php --without-pear

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Lately I started to "bravely fight" with Postfix + Squirrelmail
everything works great (PHP also :))
but I want to have possibility to change passwords
(from MySql database) through the webside
SM has a plugin (change_sqlpass) - but it needs Pear DB installed

[root@kompik ~]# rpm -q php-pear
[root@kompik ~]# rpm -q php-pear-DB

and as You see I installed it ...
but .....
PHP has no PEAR handling installed  
i checked through phpinfo()
and there are Configure Commands and unfortunatelly
there is also '--without-pear'  
I installed everything without to many combination
using rpm-s so now i don't really know howto
recompile php without this option ...
i prefer not to uninstall php and compile it  
by myself because i would have to uninstall lots
of other stuff ..
Does anyone know any solution for my problem ?

Thanks in progress for helping me :)
Regards Nichu

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