PHP within shtml?

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Not sure if this is even possible...

I have a website with a PHP-based message board.  The message board
has a donation tracker plug in that manages donation goals and current
donation amounts.  At the top of my message board there is a
dynamically updated donation total.  It uses this code to display the

Amount We Need To "Keep It Free": $ {$this->ipsclass-
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Amount Donated To Date: $ {$this->ipsclass->cache['donate_cache']

I'd like to also add this dynamically generated tally to my main
site's SHTML page.  Is there a way to add PHP, using Javascript or
whatever, so that the tally grabs what it needs from the database?


Re: PHP within shtml?

On 28 Apr, 15:35, wrote:
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Re: PHP within shtml?

On Apr 28, 8:35 am, wrote:
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Doing it the way you want (i.e., combining SSI and PHP
in a single file) is impossible (SSI and PHP are handled by
different server modules, so you can't combine SSI and PHP
code and expect the server to execute both).

What you can do is create a simple PHP script that only shows
"Amount Needed" and "Amount Donated" and show its output in an
iframe on the main (or any other) page.

A slight modification of this approach is to create an AJAX-type
widget that would request the PHP script and display its output
in a predefined location on the home page.


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