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For a photo display I am using a javascript I found on the net (freeware).  
The Java script code has to be placed within head and /head tags

The Java code consists of the start

<script language="JavaScript1.2">

Then about 150 lines of script followed by values I have to write in

and then about another 150 lines of Java script before the

The values I have to write in are the names of the files in this format

Pic[0] = 'img/2005/horiz/image0.jpg'
Pic[1] = 'img/2005/horiz/image1.jpg'
Pic[2] = 'img/2005/horiz/image2.jpg'
Pic[3] = 'img/2005/horiz/image3.jpg'

I have placed these in a php file and I use Include from the middle of the  
java script to call these in. It works fine for these four files

As I have 3600 lines to write I would like to use a php echo to write the  
lines into the java script. Something along the lines of

While ($i<3601){
echo "Pic[";
echo $i;
echo"] = 'img/2005/horiz/image";
echo $i;
echo ".jpg'";

But it does not work and I have played around with the syntax and tried  
varying methods. Is this because Java script does not like too much php code  
and its conflicting. Or should I be able to use php code freely from within  
the Java script and I have simply created a php syntax error.

The page fails to load. Checking the source code in MSIE reveals that it  
stops working in the middle of the Java when it comes to the php code.

Any help appreciated.

A footnote to this is that I wonder what php++ does to the number "0" if it  
is written "0000", would the "++" method give an output of 0001 or 1?

Garry Jones

Re: php within javascript

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As far as my understanding goes, with Apache 1.2 or 2, php can be used
freely in javascript code as long as the file is named .php (or another
exension that is configured for PHP). If the javascript is in a .js file
while is included in the header with a link, then I am not sure if it

Also, in your code you have:

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It's probably an email typo, but that needs to be $i++ on the fourth line



Re: php within javascript

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I will check it again, thanks for your help. I deleted all my previous  
attempts, I think it was an email typo, anyway, I will try this again now I  
know it "should" work.

Garry Jones

Re: php within javascript

Garry Jones wrote:
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I don't understand.  Are you trying to call PHP code from Javascript?  If so, it  
doesn't work well - PHP is server-side, and Javascript (Not Java script!) is  

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