PHP with GD2 and FreeType1.x

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a friend has some problems with his hoster and the PHP-configuration.
Now I am trying to find the source of the problem.

I am trying to compile PHP (5.2.1 and/or 4.4.6) with bundled libgd
(2.0.28) but without FreeType 2. Is it right that I am not allowed to
use the configure-option "--enable-gd-native-ttf" in this case?

If I add --enable-gd-native-ttf the function imagettftext does not
work (text is not added to image). If I remove this option
imagettftext works.

The source of this behaviour seems to be that using --enable-gd-native-
ttf enables the macro USE_GD_IMGSTRTTF. This prevents ext/gd/gd.c from
executing any function to draw the string: gdImageStringFT/
gdImageStringFTEx/gdImageStringTTF are not available because GD2 is
used without FreeType 2. For this case gdttf should be called but --
enable-gd-native-ttf / USE_GD_IMGSTRTTF prevents this.

Can anybody confirm this

I think that this case should be avoided by the configure-script
(using GD2, FreeType2 not available => refuse --enable-gd-native-ttf).

Thanks for reading,


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