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Directly from command line on the server,
I execute a bash script, that is called from
a Php script, with no problem.

But when the Php script is called from Apache,
I have some permission denied during the
executin of the bash script, called from

sh: bbx_txt: permission denied.

Do I have to compiled Apache with some
feature, like "suexec"?

Thank you for your help


Re: Php with Apache

Oh, I had this problem. You're probably using those ` chars to shell
out from inside PHP, right? Like:

$result = `bbx_txt`;

(There are about 2 other techniques in PHP to do the same thing, BTW.)

And I take it that "bbx_txt" is a Bash script. (BTW, my pref. is to
make such a script named

Okay, for this problem, realize that Apache runs in its own security
context, not the security context of root or the end user. On RH9
Linux, for instance, the httpd daemon runs under the user account of
"apache". Therefore, you have to either use chown or chmod on the file
in order for the "apache" user account to be able to run it.

For instance, if you did:

chown apache.apache bbx_txt

....then the web page could probably call that file properly and get a

I also recommend starting with very simplistic Bash files (not complex
ones or ones that call other files) until you get used to this, such as
one that looks like:

echo "hello world"

Hope this helps! :)

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