PHP/Windows - how do I send file to my printer?

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I'm writing a command-line PHP script that gets executed by a virtual  
printer (a redirected port using the Redmon tool). The PHP modifies the  
Postscript data before forwarding it to the real printer.

In this case the real printer is an HP LaserJet 5100 with a JetDirect  
wireless server. My machine runs Windows XP. The printer, as well as  
being accessible through the usual print methods within applications, is  
available through its server at

The problem is I just can't work out how I am supposed to send my  
Postscript data to the printer from within the PHP script! What commands  
do I use? I can't pipe data to a process like lpr, so what do I do? I  
tried printer_open() and printer_write, but that just makes the printer  
print the Postscript file as raw text rather than processing and  
interpreting the Postscript code.

Any ideas, please?


Re: PHP/Windows - how do I send file to my printer?

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I have some ideas, but I don't know will they work.

I think that you can share the printer as old DOS PRN:
and LPTx: devices, which can be open and written to  as files


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