PHP Webdav/ Exchange question

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I have been working on a php application interfacing with exchange,  my
application works with PROPFIND but when I do a search I get an error
400,  can anyone point out to me why,  I do a METHOD SEARCH,  my code
is below:

My query is well formed and works,  so my header request may be


       $req = &new HTTP_Request($url);

        if (is_string($username)) {
            $req->setBasicAuth($username, @$password);
        if ($method!=HTTP_REQUEST_METHOD_SEARCH)
          $req->addHeader("Depth", "1");
          $req->addHeader("Translate", "f");
           // $req->addHeader("Depth", "1");
          //  $req->addHeader("Translate", "f");


        $req->addHeader("Content-Type", "text/xml");

         if (PEAR::isError($req->sendRequest())) {
           echo "ERROR:".$req->getMessage();

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