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I've been asked about the feasibility of a web portal for some  
controllers we are developing.

Basically, the portal would offer accounts to subscribers and allow them  
to view and control their equipment.

The view is primarily a spreadsheet with clickable links for each  
controller.  The link would bring up a detailed view.

I would imagine the backend would be SQL based, with a separate data  
collection engine and display engine.

Is anyone aware of a GPL (or similar FOSS) licensed project that can do  



Re: PHP web portal

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Controllers? Equipment?

Re: PHP web portal

Mike P2 wrote:
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Yup....  Basically, we have some "stuff" out there in the wild.  Our  
customers want to know what their "stuff" is doing.  So we're building  
web-enabled controllers for the "stuff".

Now, this "stuff" sits out there in some pretty remote places, and some  
of our customers have lots of "stuff".  They don't want to visit 600  
individual web pages to see how all of their "stuff" is doing so they  
want a single website to show them that.

We're looking for something that can a) poll the "stuff" on a regular  
basis, and put the results into a database, and b) display the data in  
the database on a website in some sort of logical manner, as in a  

I would guess that we would need to write most of the data collection  
backend, but the frontends should be around; something with sessions,  
access control since we don't want customer A to mess with B's "stuff",  
a decent UI, and so on.

Does that explain it a little better? (Sorry if it was too vague....)


Re: PHP web portal

CptDondo wrote:
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A cron and a short script are probably all you need for updating this
top-secret "stuff". PEAR probably has something for displaying data
from a database table in an HTML table (as an control might do
by default), but I don't think you're going to find anything specific
enough to just get your data like that and let customers log in to see
it. You might use a CMS like Drupal for sessions and authentication
and stuff like that, and then you would just need to alter it to fit
your project and add the functionality (I don't think this should be a
lot of work at all) to display that user's "stuff" data.

Honestly, to me it doesn't seem all that complicated (maybe it would
be more complicated if the project were described more), I would
suggest having one person code the whole thing. It could be done with
one script for the cron job, and another for login/view stuff & links/
some other functionality, although the latter should probably be split
up into two pages (or more if this really is more complicated than you
described). I think it could be done in a day or two if you could find
someone with nothing else to do.

-Mike PII

Re: PHP web portal

Mike P2 wrote:

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I kind of figured that the backend would have to be written from  
scratch; it is fairly simple but there are some complications mostly due  
to low bandwidth and expensive connections.

I'll check on CMS; it didn't even occur to me that that's what we're  
really after...  (Waaaay too stupid after staring at the same 80 lines  
of code all morning....)

Quoted text here. Click to load it

It is fairly simple, except for the security/user management/etc stuff.

I was hoping to find a frontend with the eye candy UI that we like.  :-)


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