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Hi all,

What would be the best way to add a credit card (and maybe also other
systems) payment option to my php website shop?

Is this something that can be done by a regular developer like me? And
if so where can i find information on how to do this.

Or is it customary/best to let a specialised company handle the actual
payment part of the transaction. And if so what can i expect to pay to
such a company for each transaction, and which are respectable
companies in the "Netherlands" region.

If anybody could help me out with this or give me pointers or ideas on
how to make this work i would really appreciate it.

Best regards,

Re: php web payment options

Eric wrote:
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First of all you will need a merchant account which accepts online processing to  
handle the credit card transactions.  Each account provider will have different  
requirements, but you should be able to add them.  In fact, some (most?) will  
provide sample code.

Sorry, I can't recommend anyone in your area.  Here in the U.S., to use banks,  
etc. (often the lowest rates) you need to show you have been in business for a  
while (i.e. registered business name, bank accounts, etc.).  There are others  
which don't have this requirement, but they generally charge higher rates.

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Re: php web payment options

Eric wrote:
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Let me know what you find, because I am looking at doing the same thing.


- Nicolaas  

Re: php web payment options


on 07/10/2005 05:10 PM Eric said the following:
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I think companies like Paypal and 2checkout can work for non-US  
e-commerce sites. Here you may find a few ready to use classes that can  
interface with those and other payment gateway services:


Manuel Lemos

PHP Classes - Free ready to use OOP components written in PHP

PHP Reviews - Reviews of PHP books and other products

Metastorage - Data object relational mapping layer generator

Re: php web payment options

Eric wrote:
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To be able to accept credit cards, whether online or offline,
you need to open a merchant account with a processing company.
Some banks have their own processing capabilities, so if you
already have a banking relationship, ask your bank if this is
something they can do for you.  If not, there are plenty of
other processors around.

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Yes, rather easily.

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Your processor will most likely have an extensive how-to
information.  If you want an example of what you might need
to do, you can check out these manuals from Authorize.Net:

Obviously, these manuals would apply only if you set up with
Authorize.Net.  If you choose to use a different processor,
you will end up doing something different in detail, but most
likely similar in principle.  


Re: php web payment options

Eric wrote:
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PayPal can be used by anyone.  It is very easy for an end user and  
secure.  If you do decide to use it just make the p&p a bit more to  
cover the PayPal fee.  There are loads of sample pages around.


Re: php web payment options

I am also looking for a payment gateway that interfaces with PHP, but
is actually a gateway and not a site that transports the customer to
their pages. I want the customer to stay on the client website.

Does anyone have any specific recommendations for good companies?

Re: php web payment options wrote:
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If you're in the US, PayPal just released a new option for credit card  
processing that is completely transparent - all handled on the back end.  
Your customers never leave your site.

Unfortunately, this is not available outsite the US yet, and PayPal has not  
said when it will be.

I know of someone in England using CCBill - you might want to check that one  
out, but I don't know if it stays on your page...

Tony Garcia
Web Right! Development
Riverside, CA

Re: php web payment options

Eric wrote:
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Digiweb in New Zealand offers, for about 10 dutch florin a month, a service  
where you can securely enter cc details.  Rather simple, but very effective  
and cheap (no comission).


- Nicolaas  

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