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I'm a web developer who works with php - I'm looking for a class
library where I can just cut and paste code and review classes from at
will. I'm particularly interested in a library that contains code for
things like logins, sessions and the day-to-day things that go with
forums, ecommerce sites, cms stuff etc...

Anyone know where I should start looking ?

Re: PHP web class library

dbee wrote:
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Maybe you'll find PEAR interesting:

Re: PHP web class library

dbee wrote:

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If you don't even know where to start looking, you're going to be very
overwhelmed when you do find somewhere sensible to begin. There are, quite
literally, hundreds of things describing themselves as PHP frameworks. Most
are very restrictive and nearly all of them address the same issues in the
same way (e.g. little more than overblown templating systems / typically a
very simple and inflexible access model - if any / poorly documented /
don't actually invert control or use code templates / trivial shopping
baskets with no concept of stock management). But there are a few gems out
there. After a lengthy investigation, I ended up using Seagull before - but
it might not be suitable for you.

There are also lots of sites aggregating free cut & paste code from
world+dog. Unfortunately the quality of product varies greatly and you need
to know how to avoid the bad stuff. I sometimes use phpclasses.

By the sound of things you should be looking for a good quality library with
a good (guaranteed?) levels of support. This rather points to a commercial
package. The only one I can think of which might fit the bill is BlueShoes.  



Re: PHP web class library

Hello Dbee,

I've looked around a lot for a multi-purpose collection of classes that
fit my bill, but only found bits and pieces that work for me. Over
time, I've built up my own library that mostly consists of my own bits
and a few useful classes and functions I've found.

The problem with finding a good multi-purpose tool like the one you're
suggesting is that it seems like every programmer has a different idea
of what's important with their code. Some code is plain horrendous and
others are incomprehensible (even though they work quite well). I've
come to the conclusion that you just have to build up your own
development tools as you go, looking to solve one particular problem at
a time.

I know that doesn't really direct you to an answer, but hopefully the
thought is helpful.

Good luck!

Chris S.
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