PHP Web Application "Job Hunter" Updated And Available

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What is it?

A web application for job opportunity tracking.  It helps you organize  
the jobs you have applied for as well as notes about your job search.

Where is it?

You can download the current package from or  
you can use it on amduus' system.

What is the update?

BUILD 2005242125811

-- Correct Logout to send user back to the home page

BUILD 2005242124005

-- Remember listing sort for a given login.  This way when coming back  
   a listing from another part of the site, the listing is as the user  
-- Added new graphics for the menu.  PNG.  Should be supported by IE 5.2  
and better.
   Definately supported by fire fox and Safari.
-- Listing Screen: Click on column header to list ascending or descending
-- Notes in job opp now ordered in descending value chronologically.  
Newer notes
   are at the top.
-- Can now sort by Contact name (as well reduced calls into database  

Available for Hire!

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