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Re: php vs

Michał Woźniak wrote:
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You forgot A) M$ convinces CEOs that they make good stuff so we
(Computer Support people) are forced to learn and use their stuff.  Now,
THAT'S evil!

Stan McCann "Uncle Pirate"
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Re: php vs

One quick glance of an experienced eye allowed to understand the blurred
and almost unreadable Uncle Pirate's handwriting:

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Aye, agreed.
But that's the part I can't understand:
1. CEO's want good software
2. CEO's want speed
3. CEO's want stability
4. CEO's want security
5. M$ hasn't got any of the above (any benchmark/exploits/IT site will
tell you this)
How the heck does M$ convince CEO's?! I just don't get it! Maybe I just
have a small (very cosy, though) mind that is unable to understand it?..


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