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I'm a newbie at the CGI thing so I thought I'd ask you PHP boys  
what you think about Perl v PHP
What are their relative strenght and weaknesses?


Re: PHP v PERL wrote:
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When shopping for a development langauge to learn I looked at PHP,
Perl, Python, etc.  I picked PHP primarily on the readability of the
code syntax, as I wanted something that could be easily deciphered by
others even if they didn't know PHP.

Perl has a lot more symbology which making readability much harder if
you are not familiar with the syntax.

Though on the Perl side many of the enthusiasts quote the technical
merits of Perl and the possible pitfals of PHP (which there are), but
fortunately the PHP shortcomings are very well documented and easily
overcome (either through reeadily available  code libraries like Pear,
or reading and using common programming techniques for PHP readability
and security).

I have been using PHP for over a year now and find many of my problems
are not as complex as they were back in my xBase days as the language
is vary dynamic and does pack a big punch with just a few commands.
The variable system, string and array handling are great (get used to
them, they can thow you off too).


I would have to say php to me is a fun language to learn for me at
least and is very popular in my opinion. It also has a lot of support
out there for it. And works really good with MYSQL. If you need any
tips on how to get started or anything Just write me back and I can
give you some links or a cheap book that's I kind of learned off of
just to see if you like it. I have never used PERL before so I am kind
of bias .. well I am lol

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