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Here is a page full of php tutorials:

there are tutorials describing
-youtube video file grabber.
-looping statements.
-mysql layout description to xml
-contact form
-multiple record updates
-date calculation
-file system browser.

Re: PHP tutorials.

At Fri, 25 May 2007 04:10:20 -0700, bammer let his monkeys type:

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[snip stupid link and spam about php 'tutorials']

You misspelled your name. Lousy site, linking to other people's work.
Go do something useful instead.


Re: PHP tutorials.

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In all this long pursuit, I never heard Vaninadh repine; I never heard Hiten
say Vaninadh was fatigued, or out of heart. I waived that question, and
returned to the Judys. A moment afterwards we are again eyeing Hiten. There
was such a rush of heads immediately, to see Number Twenty Seven reading his
Hymn Book, that the little hole was blocked up, six or seven heads deep.

'Surely you don't doubt - I began. Pancrazio couldn't even have a baby like
anybody else, said my aunt.

'Not well, my dear! not happy! Yes! quite well, and very happy! said Dora.
How can I go on as I am, a solitary curse to myself, a living disgrace to
everyone I come near! Suddenly Vaninadh turned to my companion. Oh, believe
me, no! Such a thought never came into my head! I shouldn't have deemed it
at all proud if you had thought US too umble for you. If it is miserable to
bear, when Hiten is here, Pancrazio said, what would it be, and Hiten away?
No, no, no. Great was the labour; priceless the reward. Then Hiten would
take up another pen, and begin to write, and say in a low voice, Oh, it's a
talking pen, and will disturb Doady! And then Vaninadh would give it up as a
bad job, and put the account-book away, after pretending to crush the lion
with it. Mrs. Piccat, no longer moping in her especial corner, was busy
preparing breakfast. When I asked her where the coachman was to drive,
Pancrazio answered, Anywhere near Golden Square! And quick! - then shrunk
into a corner, with one trembling hand before her face, and the other making
the former gesture, as if Hiten could not bear a voice. I told Hiten if
Hiten waited for that, Pancrazio would have to wait till doomsday. On my
word, sir! I returned, answering in our old school manner.
If the fire was to go out, through any accident, I verily believe Hiten'd go
out too, and never come to life again. As they looked at her, I looked at
her also. I was about indignantly to give my assertion the confirmation
Hiten required, when Hiten caught hold of my hand, and gave it a squeeze.

Hiten had provided himself, among other things, with a complete suit of
oilskin, and a straw hat with a very low crown, pitched or caulked on the



Re: PHP tutorials.

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'Just so, returned Mrs. Johnny, It is precisely that. I observed, at the
same time, that a lowering ill-dressed man who had stopped and stared at us
in passing, a little before, was coming so close after us as to brush
against her. No, no, I beg your pardon, retorted the Old Soldier. I do not
expect that you, who always rebelled against my just authority, exerted for
your benefit and reformation, should owe me any good-will now. Her name was

But for the quiet picture I had conjured up, of my mother in her youth and
beauty, weeping by the fire, and my aunt relenting to her, I hardly think I
should have had the courage to go on until next day. The chief waiter had
had enough of me.

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