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I urgently need to develop a site with around 30-40 pages.

The site must be multilingual. Usually I use a top.php which generates a
lot of my structure. Then for every page I do:

include('top.php'); stuff...

in this case if I want to add a simple thing in my menu I only change it
in top.php. For the language part I inlcude a lang.php which is like this:


and so on. In my pages I only put print $lang["menuHome"][$l] where $l
is "en" or "gr" (http://.../page.php?l=en)

The site I must develop must be in php for the web but the customer
asked to have it on a CD-ROM, which of course should be simple html.

Is there a  tool to convert my site in simple html?

thanks a lot

Re: php to html?

O/H Harris Kosmidis έγραψε:
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You can install apache/php on your customer.


If your pages are static, you can save from browser to html (result of php).


You can't do nothing

Re: php to html?

Chameleon wrote:
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Now I can't. The customer wants to give-out copies of its web site to
some people (don't ask me why)

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But there will be 30-40 pages (x2 for two languages for the time being).

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Re: php to html?

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So, where is the problem?
Try WinHtTrack. Its free!

(It must, every page linked in the tree of the web site)

Χρησιμοποιώ το WinHtTrack καιρό. Είναι πολύ καλό.

Re: php to html?

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