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I'm looking at creating a website that basically saves times and dates
and emails specific people (all taken from a mysql database) when times
have passed. I suppose something like a birthday reminder site, but not

All I'd like to know is: Is this possible and how much of an
undertaking is it to get the emails out at specific times, instead of
run as a batch at fixed times from a linux cron script.


Re: PHP to edit files wrote:
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Very possible, not even that complicated.

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At specific times: hardly doable with PHP. Something has to trigger the
script. With the proper access, you might schedule loads and loads of
different cronjobs at specific times, but that's hardly a workable solution.

As it's about email, the "specific" time doesn't really matter though, you
can't predict how long an e-mail will take to arrive.

I'd just schedule a cronjob every 15 minutes or so, that queries the
database for tasks to perform. That should do it. If cronjobs aren't
possible, you could trigger it on site visits. If you've got a popular page,
you don't want to trigger it verey time. Add a possibility you will trigger
the script. Possibility = 1 / (average visitors per interval)

Rik Wasmus

Re: PHP to edit files

Rik wrote:

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Excellent, thats good to hear.

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True enough, i see your thinking.

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I was hoping to be accurate to + or - 5 minutes, approximately, i think
thats fairly achievable with technology the way it is now, any more
accurate is unncessary.
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Right, I'll go with the cron option as i know it fairly well - i'll
have a bash at working up a script that will check the database and
I'll also have a crack at site as a seperate entity. Thanks for the
pointers - cleared up my approach method, thanks very much.


Re: PHP to edit files

I had some luck with this;
pseudo-cron v1.3

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Re: PHP to edit files

Comcast-jraff wrote:
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Thanks for the pointer. For the moment i cant guarantee web traffic as
often as i'd have to guarantee job execution, although I could leave
the server refreshing the main page every few minutes - seems a bit of
a "crowbar" method. If my site gathers enough users i would definitely
cosider that option though, thanks! It will be a very narrow user-group
initially so i dont expect more than a few visits per day.


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